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TrustedLogin Connector Plugin

A plugin to connect TrustedLogin's encrypted storage infrastructure using encrypted access keys.

Why it's used

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The design of TrustedLogin ensures that no site access data stored in the SaaS is sensitive: every access requires that the SaaS and Connector agree that the credentials are valid.

Help Desk integration

The Connector plugin is the bridge used for support desk integrations: when providing customer support in Help Scout, for example, the email address is sent to the Connector plugin.

The plugin generates a list of licenses that are connected to that email address, generate hashes that are used as Secret IDs, then and ask the SaaS for a list of any matching Secret IDs.

In this way, the SaaS knows nothing about the customer being supported, only the request for matching Secret IDs.

Read how to configure the Help Scout integration.

See developer docs: