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Getting Started

Adding TrustedLogin to your project involves:

  1. Setting up an account on
  2. Configure your settings on TrustedLogin
  3. Install the TrustedLogin Connector plugin
  4. Including and configuring the client SDK ("Software Development Kit")

Let's get started!

1. Create an Account on

  1. Visit to register
  2. When registering, For "Team Name", enter your project's name. You'll have the chance to add additional projects later.

Screenshot of the registration form

2. Configure your team settings on TrustedLogin

Each plugin, theme, or agency client may have its own team on TrustedLogin.

  1. Once logged-in to TrustedLogin's admin, click on the "Teams" link
  2. On the Teams page, click on the gear icon next to your Team Current Teams table with multiple icons displayed, including a gear icon
  3. Fill in the details on the Team page
  4. Click on Update below each section

Here, for example, is how GravityView's settings are configured:

GravityView settings configuration: Project Name, REST API URL, and Support URL.

Don't close the tab! We'll be coming back here to grab the Account ID, Public Key, and Private Key in the next step.

3. Install the TrustedLogin Connector plugin

The TrustedLogin Connector plugin is a WordPress plugin that you host on your own site. The Connector plugin is what makes TrustedLogin so secure: secrets are encrypted and decrypted using keys that are generated by the Connector plugin.

  1. Download the Connector plugin
  2. Upload the plugin to your WordPress installation
  3. Click the new "TrustedLogin" menu item in the sidebar menu
  4. Configure the plugin using the Account ID, Public Key, and Private Key values from the Team page

The TrustedLogin sidebar menu item

4. Integrate with your plugin or theme